Episode #18: Overcoming our biology

On this episode of the Contemplative Creative podcast, host David Quiring discusses the classic psychology question with regards to our individual traits, “Nature or nurture?”  With recent advancements in the fields of genetics and neuroscience, we are finally able to look at specific innate qualities and begin to formulate clear answers as to where they arose from, removing the guesswork of associated with previous soft science methods.  But the new question that follows is, “If we are biologically predisposed to have certain negative tendencies, are we still responsible for our actions and thoughts?

David’s homework assignment (okay, it’s just a book club read for extra credit) is to read Hardwiring Happiness by Dr. Rick Hanson.  We’ve arranged a partnership with Audible so that you can get the audiobook for free – Dr. Rick Hanson even narrates the book himself!  Simply create an Audible account at this link and check it out for yourself: www.audibletrial.com/ContemplativeCreative

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