Season one is history!

Nature has seasons (naturally!), and so do we as individuals. Focus is a wonderful thing in what can be accomplished under its gaze but, bound by physics and the reality of finite energy, it inevitably shifts from one thing to the next.

With 25 episodes now in the archive, I think it is safe to say that the Contemplative Creative podcast project has been a fruitful labour thus far; one marked with growth and refinement in all aspects of its existence: content, curation, audience, and myself as an individual. I have learned a lot in committing myself to this organic iterative process of production, but I am going to draw a line here marking the published 25 episodes as a complete first season. In so doing, some space will be created to step back and consider a wider perspective in moving forward towards season two.

My notebook abounds with ideas, but instead of presenting them as I have thus far through a monologue/dharma talk format, perhaps there is another less solitary way. I would love to include more candid discussion; involving other inquiring minds in said discussion and also opening up the conversation to you (the audience!). Many thoughts are currently incubating in consideration of season two…I am excited to see the form they will take and hope you will stick along with me.

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In the meantime, while waiting for the next public release please feel free go back through the library of free content available in the archive. I am proud to look back at the ideas explored and realize they have a timeless nature to them. I will be keeping it online for the foreseeable future as we move forward in other directions.


Episode #25: Us versus them, and the middle way

Sometimes it feels like the divides between groups of thought are getting wider, conversations devolving into people shouting opposing views at each other and getting nowhere. In such a situation, how can we move towards healing the deep emotional/psychological/social/environmental/systematic/political wounds and traumas which we all face?

On this episode of the Contemplative Creative podcast, host David Quiring discusses this prevalent problem, and how we might be a part of the solution. We can never escape the bias within ourselves, but we can acknowledge it and adjust our conduct accordingly knowing that it’s there.

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Episode #24: An introvert in an extroverted world

For those who have something important to say and are earnestly seeking to find their audience, how can they stand out amidst all of the competing noise out there?

On this episode of the Contemplative Creative podcast, host David Quiring discusses life as an introvert in an extroverted world and how to balance self-care with stretching oneself to meet western society’s requirements on all of us.

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Episode #23: The loss of a leader

In grief we can catch a rare, clear glimpse of the bigger picture and what really matters in life.

On this episode of the Contemplative Creative podcast, host David Quiring discusses dealing with the death of a leader and answering the question that silently echoes after their final death throe that is, “What now?

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Episode #22: Cultivating perspective

The world we live in is an infinitely large place and, when we consider its scale, our individual existences within it are minuscule and we can only witness small bits of the whole.

On this episode of the Contemplative Creative podcast, host David Quiring discusses the lifelong process of refining our subjective and limited perspectives through experience.

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