Episode #5: Knowledge versus wisdom

Take a moment and think about the great teachers that have impacted your life, and you will probably agree that knowledge does not necessarily equate wisdom.

There is a subtle difference between knowledge and wisdom, and in it lies all the difference.

On this episode of the Contemplative Creative podcast, host David Quiring tries to put a finger on this difference so that we can cultivate wisdom in our own lives and seek out wise teachers/mentors.

Episode #4: When to DIY and when to ask for help

These days, with the increasingly tight margins of the economy, we are expected to operate in a lean manner; which translates to doing a lot of stuff peripheral to our craft ourselves.

On this episode of the Contemplative Creative podcast, host David Quiring discusses what we need to consider, beyond the usual measure of money, when asking ourselves: “Should I do this myself or ask for help?”

Episode #3: The intermediate gap

Be wary of the intermediate mindset: where you have acquired a bit of knowledge and begin to think you know better.  This mentality creates a plateau in the learning curve, stopping growth and true creativity.  The expert, just as the beginner, approaches everything with an open mind; confident in what they know, but also always open to learning more.

On this episode of the Contemplative Creative podcast, host David Quiring discusses an obstacle that can present itself in all learning processes: the intermediate gap.  Listen as David expounds on what exactly this is and how to avoid this plateau in the learning curve.

Episode #2: The illusion of simplicity

In artistic work, simplicity does not equate simplistic.  In this episode, David Quiring discusses the unseen effort that goes into masterfully creating art that is deceptively simple.

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Episode #1: Introductions and the danger of rationalized procrastination

Introductions are in order for the inaugural episode of the Contemplative Creative podcast – both of the host, David Quiring, and the vision of the podcast itself.  Then, we take a quick dive into the topic of rationalized procrastination and how to get out of your own way in the creative process.